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Welcome to the #FraudSquad

Battling Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome in a Hyper-Connected World

 Hi! I have no idea what I’m doing.

Well, at least I feel like that most days. Which is how this project came about.

Ever felt like someone is, at any minute, going to find out that you’ve been faking it all this time? Like you’re not remotely qualified to be doing the work you’re doing (even after you’ve been doing it for a long time)? That any success you’ve had is just because of luck or a fluke or good timing?

Welcome to The #FraudSquad.

You’re one of us. And in a digital, social-media saturated, hyper-connected world, you’re many of us. I’m exploring these feelings and experiences, the impact that our hyper-connectivity has on our self-worth and our feelings of being “enough”, and what we need to do break out of that cycle and step into our best work (even if we occasionally need a reminder from the rest of the #fraudsquad).

There’s lots on the go right now on paving the way for (hopefully, hey publishers *wink*) the book on this topic, but for right now, here’s how you can get involved. Please.


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Got 5 minutes? I need your input on your experiences with these weird and frustrating experiences and how you use and engage with social media. The research will be used to inform the book I’m writing on this topic! Take the survey here.

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