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Navigating work trauma and imposter syndrome in a hyperconnected world

I’ve been studying imposter syndrome for several years now. And you want to know what I’ve discovered?

Imposter syndrome isn’t the cause, it’s the symptom.

Sometimes, the roots of feeling like a fraud are deep. Childhood trauma. Outsized academic expectations. Bullying and lack of support systems. But they’re accelerated and exacerbated when we step into the professional (or sometimes even advanced academic) world thanks to everything from bigotry to sexism to toxic work environments and everything among, inside, and in between. 

 I’m not a psychologist. I’m not an academic. But I’m a woman who has seen some shit, been paralyzed by imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and clawed my way through some of the hardest self-confidence crises and traumas of my professional life to find strength on the other side. This project is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned, from a layperson’s perspective, about leaning into our collective vulnerability, providing gritty, no-bullshit actionable experiences and guidance, and normalizing the impacts of workplace trauma so we can counteract it with self-love, grace, and purpose**. 

There’s lots on the go right now on paving the way for (hopefully, hey publishers *wink*) the book on this topic, but for right now, here’s how you can get involved. 

**Special thanks to Jordan Hodgson for the words here. He gets it, and wrote this unbidden to describe this project. I couldn’t do it better, so he gets all the credit.


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