Amber Naslund – Keynote Speaker

Amber Naslund - Social Media Keynote Speaker

I’ve been on stages in some form or fashion for most of my life. From drama to music and professionally as a speaker, it’s truly a place of passion and excitement to me, and I bring my whole, authentic self to my talks every time.

For the past decade, I’ve become a renowned keynote speaker on digital marketing and social media. I’m especially passionate about helping B2B companies understand that not only is digital marketing something they can do well, but that they actually have an advantage today using social media and other online platforms to build credibility, authority, and differentiation.

Whether it’s how to get a handle on content marketing, understanding and harnessing the challenge of social media measurement or marketing analytics, or embracing the marketers’ new role as customer advocate and company change agent, I can deliver an energetic talk filled with concrete takeaways that your audience can put into action the minute they get back to work.

I also often speak on topics that are related to our hyper-connected world but that don’t get discussed often enough, like battling and overcoming imposter syndrome, addressing the intersection of mental health and the workplace, or figuring out how to balance our personal and professional selves online.

If you’d like to talk about hiring an experienced, highly-recommended speaker for any of the following topics (or one you have in mind), just drop me a note below and we’ll connect on what you and your audience need.

Featured Talk:

Who Do You Think You Are? Dealing With Imposter Syndrome in a Hyperconnected World

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I have had the opportunity to hear Amber speak at various conferences. As someone who works in the same space, what has impressed me the most is her ability to make complex ideas and concepts accessible and meaningful to a diverse audience, from newbies to established practitioners, like me.

In an industry filled with big egos, Amber keeps it real with unique insights, a clear point of view, and actionable ways those who attend her sessions and keynotes can take what they learn and make a measurable impact at their organization or business. Never watered down and always authentic, when I see that Amber is speaking at an event, I make it a point to attend.

Jessica Smith

SVP Integrated Media Strategy, Weber Shandwick

Few in the social media space have the sound foundation rooted in marketing and communications that Amber has which makes her inherently more qualified that most to guide thinking for companies in social media, communications, marketing, fund-raising and more. Her strength is that her approach is practical, but rooted in sound philosophy.  Amber stands out as a true expert in a crowd of wanna-be’s. I have recommended her in the past, recommend her now and will recommend her in the future and without hesititation.

Jason Falls

Digital Strategist

I would wholeheartedly recommend Amber to any organization in a multitude of capacities particularly if you’re looking for deep experience, an incredibly positive attitude, and a leadership presence and cultural energy rarely seen.

Jeremy Wood

VP Marketing, Adobe

Every time I hear Amber talk, I am blown away by how smart, straight and to the point she is. Pay attention to her!

Sarah Barker

Director, Digital Fundraising and Engagement, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

[I was] really inspired by Amber’s radically transparent TED-like talk. A real breath of fresh air.

Adam Grossberg

Chief Communication Officer, WebMD

Amber in Action

The Future Of Strategic Social Media

When social media emerged in 2007, businesses scrambled to figure out how and where it fit into their marketing. Eight years later, we’re wrestling with some of the same questions, and many new ones. How do we build a strategy that drives business results? Amber reviews best practices in strategic social media success, and how you can get ahead of what’s next in digital marketing.

The Future of Analytics: Social Data And Beyond

We all talk about wanting to be data-driven. But how can we really put data at the heart of our work? I talk here about how the role of data in marketing has evolved, how we need to bridge the gaps in communication in our organizations to make measurement really work hard, and what the true meaning of data should be in our companies.

Imposter Syndrome and the Digital World

We’ve all felt like we weren’t “enough”, but the social and digitally connected world can make our tendency to compare ourselves to others even worse. Here’s my talk on finding your authentic voice from SXSW 2016.

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