It’s been a while since I’ve written an e-book, but this topic is by far one of the top three I’m asked about. And finding your digital comfort zone is hard. So I guess that’s why.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade building a personal platform of writing, speaking, and books. So that’s one part of me, here at

Then I’m a professional representative of a company, also working in the marketing space and with our customers as a subject matter expert.

So I know a thing or two about learning to balance this kind of thing. In fact, when I’ve given talks on finding your digital comfort zone (several different versions of the ebook you’ll find here), I’ve had an overwhelming number of requests for the slides or the notes or anything to help them implement these ideas for themselves. Hence, this guide.

If you’d like it, it’s super simple. Just put your email in below, and after you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the link to the download.

You’ll also get my semi-regular, not-so-much-weekly-but-mostly email when you do. (You can opt out immediately after if you hate the idea that much, but I really hope you’ll give it a try). I created this email because as a senior, experienced marketing professional, I could never find content that was appropriately leveled for me and relevant to my strategic work. I didn’t need tips on Snapchat filters, I needed stuff that helped me answer business questions and tackle the big, sticky marketing and leadership challenges that a digital world creates.

So I built it myself.

It’s only kinda weekly because I don’t obsess about the calendar as much as I do the content.


Find Your Own Digital Comfort Zone

I hope very much that this ebook gives you one or two ideas you hadn’t considered before. It’s a crazy and ever-changing world out there, so if you ever have questions or need to chat about how to create your digital comfort zone (and break beyond it!), I’m here to help.

Thanks, as always, for your trust and attention.