You made this blog a fun, engaging and interesting place to be this year. Lots of comments, lots of discussion, lots to think about.

It’s a fascinating exercise to see what resonated most with you over the last twelve months. Interestingly, it seems like the practical, how-to stuff like time management and measurement was important overall, but lots and lots of you were interested in social media jobs, especially the nitty-gritty of community roles like mine.

I’ll be keeping all of that in mind as I embark on some expanded work in 2010. And if you’d like to stay along for the ride, please consider subscribing via email or RSS and come back often.

So, if you missed a couple, here are the posts you visited the most this year. Thanks for making this blog thing such a worthwhile and thought-provoking endeavor.

10. Productivity and Time Wasters in Social Media – A look at some of the top time sucks in social media, and the tasks that can actually move your work forward.

9. Social Media Time Management: 9 Guiding Principles – Some tips for managing information overload and tasks related to your online work.

8. Hiring for Social Media: Good Moves – The upside of some of the new roles and job opportunities emerging in social media.

7. Five Myths of Community Management – More on the community theme, this time debunking a few of the myths typically associated with these roles.

6. The Ultimate Community Management FAQ – More questions and answers about the role of community managers, from my experience and perspective.

5. The Social Media Team E-Book – A collection of some other posts on building a social media team, across departments and disciplines, including a case study from Humana.

4. Hiring for Social Media: What I’d Look For – Another post in the group of social media jobs series, with my thoughts on what kind of skills and attributes are necessary for these roles.

3. There Is No Social Media Kit – Why there’s no perfect set of shortcuts for social media, and some foundational questions to consider when building your strategy.

2. Hiring For Social Media: The Ugly SideSome of the less-promising trends in social media job descriptions and recruiting.

1. Being a Director of Community – A look at a job like mine, as it looked back in March. Stay tuned for the “one year later” look in a couple of months.

Thanks again for reading and being part of what keeps me writing and noodling and thinking. I’m really glad you’re here.

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